Thursday, June 26, 2008

success = trust in God

"Solomon wants us to understand the only way to accomplish true success is to trust God and to get into His plan. Solomon uses the word commit which means to deliberately put into action or to entrust. In other words, Solomon deliberately or purposefully made a decision, and then, took action to entrust himself into God's capable hands. Solomon learned when he put his faith, trust or confidence in God's plans that somehow his personal thoughts regarding a subject were soon changed to agree with God's plans and thoughts. Why would this be important? God cannot fil, so when Solomon's thoughts, which produced actions, came into agreement with God's plan, it automatically assured him that he would achieve success, as well."

Friday, June 20, 2008

i've had a wonderful day today, despite the quietness in the studio. I kinda like that at times. It was in a good pace. the breakfast i had this morning was fantastic because i had some yummy dip with bread sticks. i was able to spend some time to do some training work, which was inspiring in a slow afternoon. had a great lunch with helena and keri for fe. after work, i walked around eatons for a bit, trying on clothes that i didn't buy. i looked good in a lot of the clothes i tried on and i told myself one of these days i will be able to get these, but not right now. But tryin it on and feeling pretty was good. i enjoyed that. after that i went to fairview to visit my brother at starbucks. it was nice to see him working there. he's growing up so fast, before i know it, he will be done school. as i watched him learning how to make drinks, it reminded me of my first paid job at McD's...being the fries girl, then working as the cashier and working long hard hours. it all started at McD's. My brother is now stepping into the real world...working at starbucks, help re-building planes at a museum...i am very proud of him. he's not my baby brother anymore; he's grown up a lot.

i walked away from starbucks with a frappacino in hand, sipped it as i walked home. it was very relaxing. i cooked one of the longest meal today since i moved out. it took over an hour, but it was fun. i tried making the malaysian noodles and chicken legs. i must say the noodles wasn't as good as i thought it would be....but the chicken legs was delicious. so tender and juicy. heh, really proud of myself.

i was thinking today, for a period of time, i think i was trying too hard to "do something more interesting" with my life. i think what i am missing is enjoying the details in life and appreciate every minute of it. i rush through it without thinking about how much i enjoy this or that. i don't need to look too far. i need to spend the time and take the time to just enjoy the right now, taking the time to think about what i want to write, how things have's these details in life that makes life fulfilling and enjoyable. it's not how many great things i can accomplish, but the little pieces that puts a day together, and from each day to a year, and eventually a lifetime. this is one part where it makes like inspiring-making each day/moment count.