Monday, April 21, 2008

a beautiful saturday morning

it was a beautiful saturday morning from the time i woke up to the time of nap. there's no better way to spend a beautiful morning than to spend it with you. i didnt expect you to call me back almost right away. it was nice to hear from you. it was well worth waking up at 630am and txting you :)
i dun think i've had breakfast with you like this before, and then enjoying the warm weather. it was perfect.
watching you work and being with you while you work makes me really happie for some reason. perhaps it's because i like how concentrated and serious you look. perhaps it's because i admire the love of my life.

hehe..i like it when you run after me and then grab my hand. i like it when you bob your head to the beats. i like it when you look at me in the eyes. i like it when you reach over to hold my hand in the car. i like it when you laugh and smile at me. all these make me fall in love with u again and again. you've touched a special place in my heart. i deeply adore you.

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