Saturday, July 19, 2008

going home

i've been thinking about this a lot. i am still not sure...but i think i will be..going home. am i becoming better? not quite. are my parents' relationship better? somewhat. will there be arguments? for sure. is my relationship with my mom better? definitely. i think that's what i want the most. i can give up any relationship with other people but i can't toss away my relationship with my mom. she has her problems, and so does everyone else...just mebbe hers is harder to deal with. regardless how she is, i still want to be with her. when i think about her each time, it makes me want to cry. she and dad are the only people will will always accept me and love me no matter how i am. i understand how much she misses me, and how much she wants to be with me, see me everyday, know everything about me. she wants to know is because she cares, she loves. i think i have understand more of a mother's heart for her child. she has a lot of flaws, and so do i. but if she can accept me, accept my past, looks forward to my future, i want to do the same.

no one can ever love me more than my family does. no one.

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