Thursday, July 31, 2008

my journey - graphic design (part 2)

Lets back track to the Christmas prior to the YC conference. During the Christmas Holiday, I had the idea of designing a graphic T-shirt for everyone as a gift. I had the idea, but it didn't progress to the final product for various reasons and that idea didn't become a reality....until....

Soon after the conference, my youth pastor came up to me and started talking about BBC, and asked me if I could design the t-shirt for that year's conference. I was quite shock because that was what I wanted to do, but this was even more exciting because it was for a conference, not just our church. From there onwards, I had become CPC's graphic designer. From there, was able to gain a lot of experience doing "real" work. School work was good, but something on the side like this really built my confidence and allowed me to serve my God with the gifting He has given me.

Ever since that conference, I did quite well in school. I gave it my all and trusted God instead of second guessing. Close to the end of second year of university, I met Sam. He was one of the worship assistance at church. It turned out that he works at a graphic design firm called Anthem. I asked if they hire any students to do part-time. He said usually they don't, but he could give in a try and gave my resume to the creative director. I didn't have high hopes for it, but I thought why not just give it a try. I didn't hear from until at the end of the summer, I received a phone call and asked if I would be interested to go in for an interview. I told that lady that I have to go back to school, and she said that's okay, maybe when you are done school. That was the end of our conversation. Although I didn't get into Anthem or even went for an interview, I kept that company name in the back of my head.

During the third year of my program, we had to finish an internship placement at the end of the year. We had to get into groups and interview a design company as well. When we were discussing where we should go for the interview, I suggested Anthem. To my surprise, everyone was cool with it, and guess what? Anthem was cool with it as well. We had a pretty good interview with them and I believe we made a good impression. Finally, we had to all look for firms where they would accept us as an intern. With no doubt, I thought of Anthem. With no complications, they hired me and I was working for them right the term ended. I was only supposed to be there for a 2 or weeks to fulfill the requirements of the the degree, but I wanted to gain more experience so I asked if I could stay for the rest of the summer. I must say it was God's intervention and God's grace, they said yes almost right away. During that season I thought I was dreaming. Everything was going so smoothly like it was all planned out for me. Well, now that I think about it now, God planned it all out for me. He makes my path straight.

At the end of the summer, I didn't want to go back to school for my last year of university. I was having so much fun and was gaining so much more experience. I learned so much in those few months that surpassed all the knowledge I learned in university for those 3 years. I loved the place but I had to go back to school. They didn't want me to go either, but I had to. It was a sad good-bye. The studio manager asked me to leave my school schedule with her so I could call me up and do some freelancing while I am at school. From what I know, normally they don't do that. They would not hire a student freelance to work for them like that. It wasn't really a good-bye after all. I occasionally would freelance for them, and during Christmas, I had a whole month off from school and I worked for them that entire month. It was like I never left the company. I thought it was too good to be true. I couldn't believe it.

At the end of fourth year, I had my design show and I invited Anthem to this gala. The studio manager made a point that she will show up at my show. The show goes on for a few days, and there is a day where is dedicated for the designers from the industry to come and view our work. Some people would get hired on the spot. Obviously we all worked very hard for that day in the hopes of getting hired. On that day, the studio manager came, as she promised. She was one of the first people that came to the show. She told me she made sure she came and get a hold of me because she didn't want me to work for other companies. She asked me to go back to Anthem to work for them. Obviously I was DELIGHTED! I couldn't be more blessed. I couldn't believe everything was working out so well. I pray that as I continue on this path, He will continue to guide me and show me more exciting things :)

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