Wednesday, September 24, 2008

first post

it's been two and a half weeks since i left toronto, and i feel like i am still in vacation mode. Maidstone still doesn't feel like home yet. It feels like I am only here for a few weeks and I will be back soon...but reality is, I am going to be here for 10 months.

I'm liking this place so far. The people here are really nice and it's such a community. I think one thing I like most is I am away from the city, away from work or things that fights for my attention. The whole focus is learning to be with people and building myself up. Come to think about it, it is a gift to be able to do be able to take out a year and just to build my character.

I was shopping the other day for some shampoo and all that...I find myself even more cautious with the money I am spending. Another good thing was as I was shopping, my friends would remind there are things I don't need to buy, that I can live without. It is kinda nice that we are looking out for one another like that already.

I feel like I've known these people for a long time. We already have a bond together, because we have been through so much together the last 2 weeks. We cried together, we were frustrated together, we laughed together, we acted all silly together. It's amazing how in just two weeks we have become like family already. Although there is a pretty huge age range difference (18- 37), but it doesn't seem to matter.

I need to go get ready for another exciting, beautiful yet rainy day. until next time!

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