Friday, January 4, 2008

whiter than snow

i've rebaptized on new year's eve 2007. what a great way to start a new year with a new beginning, a new start. I'm happie that I did that. After the baptism it snowed that night til the next day. When I woke up on New year's day and looked out the window, i saw beautiful white fresh snow everywhere. Then this thought came to me, "You are now whiter than snow." i felt that it was Him speakin to me, telling me He's pleased and that He's giving me another chance.

I don't want to carry the burden and shame i've carried for so long. I don't want this burden to be my new beginning. I want to start afresh, walk with my head held high and in freedom. I want this freedom, this confidence in God to be my new beginning. i want an obedient and a willing heart to be my new beginning. i know this is just the beginning, but it's a good beginning, and it will remind me each day that i've given up my old self and is walking in His glory.

i'm excited and i want to know what's ahead. this is not gonna be an easy journey, but i know im off to a good start, and i will try my best to carry it on. :)

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