Monday, December 17, 2007

loving a person should be unconditional.

it's patient..patient in your character, patient in your words and your actions

it's not envy..not envy about you spending more time with ur buddies and's not comparison

it doesn't boast...i shouldnt say things or do things that make myself seem better or overpowering you

it's not self's not about's about you

it is not easily's being careful with my thoughts, words and's not letting my emotions hurting the other person

it keeps no record of wrongs...i need to forgive no matter what it is, how much it hurted me or how much it affected me

it does not delight in evil but rejoice with truth...i need to do what is right

it always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always keeps going no matter how hard or difficult it is ahead

love never fails

it never fails. there's so much to learn from in there...i don't think im even close..there are things i do better than others..but there's still a lot i need to learn.

i believe when i can love like that.. i will not make u mad or upset or disappoint u because it's unconditional..i will not expect sth in return. it seems it's far beyond reach...but i will get there as i keep working on it.

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