Tuesday, December 25, 2007

wishes, looking forward to

there are so many things i still want to do with you...whether later on we are together or just friends. there are so many things we talk about doing and things i want to do with u...and hopefully one day we will be able to do them together. i reallie hope so.

-metro zoo
-star gazing on the beach
-hot tubing
-working out
-comic book
-cd with ur music, my design
-graffitified your name
-draw out kaypee
-visit our first date together

i want to be able to grow a tree with u...it's sth my parents did together. i dunno why i reallie want to...i guess because it was sth that marked that relationship...sth they did together. as they go back this time, they are visiting the tree and see how it is now...i want to be able to do the same...years from now to be able to remember the good times we had. too bad it's winter now...

one of my christmas wish came true this year. as we were on break, ppl asked what i want for christmas this year. there reallie isnt anything materialistic that i want. but i asked God, told God that it'd be nice if i could spend christmas with you. i prayed and asked, but i didnt expect it to happen. but im glad at least i am able to talk with u now and know that u are here. i thnk God for hearing me. i reallie want to be able to look at u in the eyes and say merry christmas to u. i dunno...i just want to grasp and treasure all the moment i can have with u..because no one knows what the future is gonna be like...how it will turn out. i want to have the best christmas with u.

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