Wednesday, October 24, 2007

happie birthday to me

it's my bday today! it's kinda nice to have so many wishing me happie birthday on facebook. it's a pleasant surprise :)

The better part of the day was when i got to spend some time with u :) it was nice. i enjoyed it a lot. i wish i didnt have to go so soon, but it's ok, another time. it was nice to be able to giggle with u and give you are "manicure" again. hehe. when i had my head on your chest, i was thinking back to last year on my birthday. You were in HK. i remember going home late that night after going to sheridan seeing a mail for me from HK. it was such a pleasant surprise. Even though you weren't with me, it felt like you were. but today, i have u with me by my side physically, not miles away. it's nice..really nice :) the sunset was really nice this evening too. as i was lying there, i was actually looking out the window, watching it...with you hugging me tight. i really enjoyed that. sigh :)

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