Sunday, October 28, 2007

lets face it's such a simple concept..but it took a while to sink in. The cure for my fears is to face it. The worse i feel about something, the more i should embrace it and make the situation better. the more i dislike a person, the most i should make an effort to be friend him/her. it's awkward, it's tiring, but i believe i will be better one step at a time.

it's true that it's my character that will imprint onto ppl's mind when it's time for me to go. What kind of character do i have? i was thinking about christmas awards that we do every year. each year i'd get sth that defines me on the im most fashionable, best artist. i know it's a silly award and shouldnt use that to define who i am, but it would be a nice change if im not voted for those things, but ppl do see that i am loving and caring.

today for the 10am meeting, the congregation (including me) was seated down at our pews and waited on the Lord. Just a quiet time between God and ourselves. as i was sitting there, i felt that i should read lamentation. i didnt know where, so i just started reading from chapter 1. after a little bit, pastor asked the worship to get ready. as i was sittin there by the piano, guess where pastor shared from? lamentation chapter 3. i was like :O?!?!? lamentation??? coz i mean..if it's from matthew or one of the common books i woodnt be surprised. but lamentation? that was like my first time reading it. all i can say is, God speaks :)

on a different note, i really like the cd by antonio neal. like it a lottt. it's the kinda music i like. it's upbeat, but chilling. i can see myself listening to this in the car, driving in a place where there's nice nature scenery, and have the window rolled down with nice summer breeze. thank u p :) ur awesome.

it was a nice day today :) why? just because :)

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