Saturday, October 27, 2007

it's been a long tiring day...there were so much going on... at work, family... sigh. as i was having dinner with my dad and bro, my dad brought up a good point..think about the situation from a different perspective. If it wasnt for mom always be on our case...and we get to go to church whenever we want and her being really supportive about it...we may be taking church for granted already. We may think that it's a given instead of treasuring it as a privilege. Also, some parents out there are not christians and is absolutely not letting their children go to church..otherwise they will be disowned. I'm already much better off than that. I can always complain about how mom is stopping me..saying insensitive things...but i can always take it as a training in building up my character..learning how to be patient, be loving, be caring.

im so thankful that u are here for me when im going through the rough. it's so assuring to know u are there by my side, cheering me on, picking me up. i don't know about u..but i feel that when sth like this happens..when situation arises, we are taking it/approaching it better than we had before...we've learned how to support each other. most of the time we tease around and talk about random things in our convos..but i feel that i know u've got my back when things go wrong. i hope u are feelin the same.

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