Saturday, October 18, 2008

cooking week

Each week, we have different duties around the house. Last week I was the cooking leader, meaning I was responsible for coming up with the menu for the week for everyone, come up with a week of groceries list, and of course cook every meal. I was the cooking leader with 3 other cooking team members. I was really excited about this...but at the same time it was quite stressful and busy.

I was asked to come up with the menu on Sunday night at around 10:30, and a meeting at 12:30am. I prolly didn't start the menu until 1, 1:30am that morning. I had to do it right away because I had to have to it done by 10 the next morning. As I was doing the menu, I was working on the shopping list as well. I ended up sleeping at 3:30am that morning.

In one of the meals, i had it as "faith meal", which means for that meal, we are not going to cook, but pray that God will somehow provide the meal for that night.

Through out the week, God blessed us with different things everyday. On Sunday, someone has blessed us with a box of fruits. We didn't have to buy fruits for our fruit salad! then the next day, someone blessed up with dinner rolls and salad dressing. We were able to have those with one of our salads. then the next day, someone blessed us with chopsticks for the chinese meal for one of the nights. then the next day, more fruits! God's been providing all these extraaa food for us that week. it was amazing to see the blessing flowing through

As the cooking team shared with the whole group on Wednesday night, they were really excited, and we were praying that God would provide pizza. When Friday arrived, we were all in the lounge praying before dinner time, that God would really provide for us that night. Our praying time turned into a fun, loud family singing and dancing time, declaring God is faith, He will show us a miracle. During the whole time, we kept looking out the window to see if a pizza guy would come. As time was ticking away, I prayed more desperately in my heart. "God You are faithful and You will bring it through. Even if there is no pizza tonight, we know You are still a faithful God". Guess what? just 15 mins before we had to head out to lectures that night, a pizza guy dropped off some pizza! I was so excited I nearly cried. There was all the kind of pizza we prayed for.

Now, that was pizza blessing part 1. Here is pizza part 2. On tuesday, we were at this lady's bridal shop painting for her. Guess what she got us for lunch. That's right! PIZZA! ALL THE KINDS WE ASKED FOR FROM BEFORE PLUS CHICKEN WINGS. How cool is that?

Through this experience, it really has increased my faith. It's really seeing God working the miracles. This cooking team leader experience is probably something I will never forget, and it is such a good testimony of faith.

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