Wednesday, October 1, 2008

One thing I am constantly learning to do here at YOT is to not worry about the future. I have began to lay that down bits by bits. Whenever we ask the leader what we are going to do next, they will always give us this respond, "Don't worry about it. Just embrace it and enjoy it." I am not saying I don't have goals or visions anymore, I still do. When the vision is unclear, the cost is always too much. I don't want my cost is too much. But I definitely don't want my uncertainty about the future to distract me from embracing everything I do right now. Thinking back to the orientation week, I loved how the leaders took all of our watches and phones and live life not in the restriction of time. I felt like I was able to really "live life" unconditionally. It was beautiful.

It's also really neat that we are reminding each other of what we say. Whenever someone says something that is negative, someone will speak up and say something like "watch your mouth" or "don't say that". We bring correction into each other's lives and being true brother's keepers. I still have tons to learn, but I am glad I have all these friends who genuinely wants to see each of us mature. It amazes me how this is possible

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