Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spending time with Him

It's so easy to just slip away in the busyness of this week. Each morning we have about an hour of quiet time to spend time with God and to read His word. It's not a rule that we do so, but in the schedule that hour has been set out for this purpose. Even if i don't do read my bible or spend time with God no one would know. This morning was my struggle, but also a revelation. As I walked back to my room from breakfast, I started thinking about my assignment and my exam and thought I will spend that hour to do some work and or studying. I was planning out which part of the assignment I should do first or which part of the studying I should do. As I sat down to begin, I felt God was telling me to just be still. Then it hit me. I have been so busy last week as a cooking leader that I had spent less time with Him. I did it out because I was supposed to. This morning I almost let the busyness take hold of me again. God is looking for my spending time with Him. He wants me. Of course it is necessary to do well in my assignment and what not, but He is more interested in me. I believe I have made the right choice this morning to just lay down everything and spend time with Him first. I trust that He will multiple my time and I would be able to draw strength from Him for the rest of the day.

We were talking about the fear of the Lord on Saturday, how fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. As I read colossians 2 this morning, this spoke to me. "in Him lie hidden all the treasure of wisdom and knowledge" -Colossians 2:1. I claim that for my week.

Fear (of God): "Yir'ah" - respect, reverence, piety revered

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