Wednesday, November 14, 2007

i did some budgeting tonite. i think in a few months, i can increase my loan payment. It's good to have these figures thought out instead of just kinda doing an "estimate" in my head when im not so great with math in the first place :P Now i have a clear outline as to how much i can only spend so that it can cover the loan. i like it. it will make me be more disciplined and cautious of how much im spending and saving. starting next month, im gonna go with this budgeting plan. This is a good idea. thanks :)

tonite while i was teaching art, vanessa called and sed ariane's pinky not exactly sure how it happened, but i couldnt stay on the phone for too long, so we quickly prayed for her and reminded vanessa that it's a good opportunity to show kindness to ariane right now. when vanessa told me about ariane's finger...i felt uneasy. last week ariane was supposed to join us for bbt then go to church...but she got into trouble. now this week, sth like this happened...when we've rescheduled the date to this sat. i pray that God will protect her and confuse the enemy if he's planning any schemes or attack. I'm kinda bothered by this...can u please pray for ariane whenever u remember her?

on a happier note, i wanted to post this last nite, but i couldn't remember what it was. i remembered what it wanted to say when we were talking about waiting. i wanted to say that i really appreciate you wanting to be earlier than me so i dont have to wait for u. I did notice it before, but yesterday stood out to me when i saw u standing there, looking all ready to get going kinda look. i didnt know you ran. i thought sth was odd in the way u were standing, but i didnt know what it was until you told me you ran down so that i didnt have to wait for u. wow... :) that really melts my heart. i didnt know how much effort u wanna put in in not wanting me to wait. that is really sweet. if u hadnt told me, i wouldnt have known. thank u :) but next time even if ur running late, don't run ok? it's ok for me to wait. i know u woodnt purposely be late. sometimes it will give me the chance to stand there and search for that familiar in the crowd :)

i think i mite go to bed soon, im quite tired. hope u had a greattt time at the game tonite even thought raptors lost again. :P

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