Monday, November 26, 2007

it was such a rainy day. when i was on the street car going home, my mom called and asked if i wanna ride from sheppard station. awww yayy :) it was goood. i didnt have to be all soaked! tummy is huge again...well...not huge..but just big enough that it bothers me :P gonna do some situps after this.

today an argument between a few designers and the production head started because of sth i did...again. what happened was, there was a full pack that i had to roll out earlier last week, and the file is HUGE, so all i had to do was to build it in low rez, and then send it to the printer with callouts saying what needs to be done. It turned out that they need a high rez image of the frost. but we don't have it because it was done in low rez. so i asked bri and robyn to help me out to see what i should do about it. they suggested to find sth similar to what i had...which it makes sense, because what I'd done in low rez was only a guide anyways. So i called the account manger and let her know the situation and she was cool. but then later....the production head came over and started telling me that i have to rebuild the whole file so that the printers would know exactly what they need to do. I was shocked...coz i's just putting frost around the hard can it be? why do i need to rebuild it? So while this whole convo was going on between production head and I, Bri and Robyn came over and told the production head that we've discussed issues like that during the design meeting and the creative director had said that we only need to art direct in a situation like this, and don't need to do the physical work. The production head got pretty pissed...and he said he needs to talk to the creative director. After that, we went back to our desks, and the production head disappeared. i don't think i did anything wrong...but man...why does it have to be me that's in a sticky situation again. It's making me nervy especially when the review is this week and next week. *pouts

in some ways it's kinda cool that we, the designers kinda have each other's back. im just thinking...i was trying to voice my opinion and tell the production head that i shouldnt be doing it..but he didnt listen...but when bri and robyn spoke up, he couldn't say anything. i guess next time i will need to use the creative director's name. haha

just now, my mom wanted to order more body shop alike products online because she got them in buffalo and would want to get some more. after doing a 40mins online shopping and turned out that it doesnt ship to canada. BOOOO. tooooo bad. haha

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