Sunday, November 25, 2007

my parents are backkk from buffalo shopping! man...did they get a lot of stuff...when i open the car door, it scared was like...almost of full van of stuff. haha didnt get too much for me, but it's ok, i got quite a bit this weekend too :P i actually took some advice from a fashion designer gonna be about a week ago as to what kinda clothes would look good on me. Remember the blue sweater i got? (called a tunic), she suggested that i should get sth like that, with leggings. i saw her today again during dinner and told her that i took her advice. she was really happy to hear that. she's someone who have really low self-esteem, so that's what i wanna tell her that im taking her advice. hopefully it will make her feel more confident about herself :)

neways, i want to say it was really nice of u to get me that little converse :) it was really sweet. it's not so much that it's a converse (even tho it is beautiful!), but that u thot of me even tho we werent in the best terms. that made my heart melt. i showed it to my brother, and he asked how come it's not a green one. and i told him i don't care, it's the thought that counts. it didnt feel nice at all when we didn't really talk while waiting for the bus. but when i think about it now, it made me giggle, coz u looked so mo loi and didn't know what to do. ..but then u still thought of me. i don't odd as it sounds, that is sweet.

can i tell u again that i love being in your arms?

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