Wednesday, November 7, 2007

rabbit and the snake

i was thinking about the video you showed me last night of the rabbit and the snake. You know what? it reminded me of your dream. "sin is crouching at your door but you must master it". The way i see it is the snake is the enemy and the rabbit is you and i. it is surprising that the rabbit would react that way - bit the snake. But i think this relates to the latter part of the verse - "you must master it". the rabbit may seem like a gentle, vulnerable creature, but it can win over the snake. it can scared the snake away. i don't know how this thought came to being..but it's kinda interesting.

aaronson's quit art...well...his mom called and said aaronson is refusing to come to art class or do the hmk i gave him. o wells. if he's interested later then we'll see again.

i was very "sum but joy yeen" tonite. as i was cutting the green onion, i was supposed to cut it the way it's for steamed fish..but i but it into small bits instead...and didnt realize it til i finish cutting half of it. then my mom asked me to put the cover over the pot, and i put it over the pan that's boiling hot water for the fish. when it was time to set the table, i brought out 4 sets of utensils instead of 3 because bro still had class. maybe im tired? im not i worrying about sth subconsciously? hmmm...

winter's cominggggggg! so coldddd.....i dont like it so cold....but i guess on the brighter side is i can drink more white chocolate :) ahhhh! oiiiishhhii :) hehe

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