Tuesday, November 6, 2007

intimacy and the king of self?

at the beginning of a romantic relationship, we'd want to do whatever the other person likes even though it may sometimes be out of our way or sometimes not something that we'd normally do. We'd offer up our time, offer up our energy just so that we can see a smile on his/her face. We'd want to give them the best that we can do...or we may even take a step further in learning something that we didn't know how to do (ahemm like making the paper box my ring). But somewhere along that romantic journey, we become tired or comfortable with the way things are. Once the couple is married, they can become so comfortable with each other that they don't have that romantic attraction they once had. I know it's true for a lot of the couples I see. Often enough, they take each other for granted because they know the other person will be there. Sad isn't it?

This is the same with our relationship with God. At first we may want to find time, give Him our best because we are in love with Him. But as time goes on, we become comfortable. We expect God will still be there no matter what...we begin to think that the talents and the victories we have are a given...we begin to look at ourself and think that it's no longer God who's the one who brought us through..but we did it ourselves. After a while, we begin to step onto His throne and push God out of our way...and then... we may even sit on the throne ourselves and become our own king - king of self.

That's what happened to King Uzziah. At the beginning, he had an intimate relationship with God. He consulted God on everything. He made sure he'd meet God at the "candle light" table and listen to what is in God's heart. After a while, pride set in...and he began to think it was himself who is able. He spent less and less time having a "candle light dinner" with the Lord. Long story short, God strike him with leprosy. Ever since, he was abandoned in solitude. He still had the giftings and the talents God gave him, but the anointing was no longer there anymore. What is anointing? It's the presence of God.

When the king of self rules, the anointing leaves even though the giftings are there. I find it really scary. I'd rather have God take away the giftings and talents as well when the king of self rules...at least I'd know that God's not there with me anymore. We may still think that God is there when He really isn't....and not knowing that, we'd just be doing what we are in vain. It's a good reminder for me...what I am doing now, in all the ministries I am in or even at work. Do I do it because I want to bring glory to myself or do I really do it with a humble heart?

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