Friday, November 16, 2007

im not gonna talk about work's enough for one day. we've prayed, i've prayed. now God, it's in Your hands. I know You will make everything according to Your plan. Teach me to trust in You.

it was nice to see you after work today. i needed a hug and im glad you were there to hold me. i had a great time today, did you? haha especially when we were at leslie station waiting for your bus. i couldnt stop laughing...hahah prolly looked like an idiot, but whatever, it was fun :P haha it was a good laugh. i liked how we were, just laffing away. i dont know... i find that i like today a lot. i cant reallie pinpoint what made it different. do you feel anything different?

tonite before i went for practice, i had a bit of time, so i went decided to go to timmie's to grab a hot chocolate, so i called mike if he wanted one and asked him to call uncle KY and ru to see if they want anything. i decided to treat them some hot drinks, and timbits instead of getting them to pay. so the 2 of us got french vanilla and got timbits for ru and her siblings. it was a good way to bless them :) i felt all warm and fuzzy after, better than a hot drink in a cold nite like this :)

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