Sunday, November 4, 2007

wonderful weekend

the conference was awesomee. even though it's a PAOC conference..but it's kinda different from the YC we go yearly. It's quite intense. there wasn't much free time other than lunch and dinner. the rest of the time was workshops and the main sessions. it was kinda cool that we made friends with another church. that church is near donmills and lawrence. we've asked them to join us for the christmas party! it's gonna be fun :)

ff shared in a workshop about marketing, and how to use christian products to reach out to ppl. she brought the waterbottle which amy and i worked together to the conference to use as one of the tools. at the end of the workshop, ff was talking with a lady pastor while 2 girls waited patiently for her. the girls wanted to buy the bottles! i was sooo blessed to hear that they stayed behind just so they could get the bottles. at the end, ff just gave it to them to bless them. it was neat! :)

on the ride home, all of us were sooo tired so we slept in the car. i was excited to be back in T.O and see familiar faces again. we were asked to share last night with the youth group what's blessed us during the conference. i don't know why i didnt really feel nervous to go up to share. it was weird. i was actually excited to. my heart was literally pounding..not because i was scared to speak infront of everyone..but because i had so much i wanted to say! haha. i think if there was only one thing to get out of the conference would be this phrase: " if satan tries to remind you and condemn you of your past, remind him of his future". isnt it so true? i've never thought of it that way.

it's so wonderful when we have differences in our opinions but are able to talk it out and work it out. it's even more wonderful when we try to understand each other and accommodate each other's preferences. i like having talks with you like that.

i was thinking what happened last night could have turned into a fight if we didnt try to understand each other or talk. do you feel that we are closer? i do. i hope you do too.

there was a season i felt like there was no hope in this relationship. i was really down about it. i cried and prayed so much. it was difficult. i didnt want to tell you about a matter of fact, i didnt want to talk to anyone about it. but that's passed...and im glad we are better now. i look back now and see that we've gone through a lot...yet we are still here together. it's encouraging to see that and to be able to say that. i know this is sappy...but i want u to know u are important to me. i hope you feel the same too.

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