Sunday, November 11, 2007

i drove down to work today...and guess what? the glass door to my building was locked...i had to ask bri to help me unlock the dooor. i felt so bad...coz she had to drive all the way to anthem... it was very nice of her.

when i got in, i felt so bummy coz i had to work on a sunday. so i made myself some coffee and started working. i wanted to just finish everything FAST and leave. i guess the only way to make it more homey was to take off my shoes and play some nice tuness. when i saw u msg me, i was excited :D. coz i wanted to talk with u. it was sooo nice to have u there to keep me company. hehe :) and i really appreciate u being there the whole time. it made my working time go by a lot faster and not bummy :) u were really really sweet. i felt soo loved :) hehe. as i think about u being there makes me smile.

when i got home, i logged onto facebook and saw "a new notice" and i clicked on it. it sed patrick had sent me a free gift. i was like :O???? a gift? huh? really??? so i went to my profile and scrolled really face to the bottom, and i saw a cup of coffee with "patrick" underneath it. i was giggling so much. hehe. it was such a nice surprise. i wish u were there to see me smile. hehe. ur awesome, u know that?

i felt like a little princess today. all the things u did i really appreciate :) it's so special to me. ur so special to me :)

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